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"Having worked with Michael Matas for many years as a fellow educator, I can definitely vouch for his ability to teach material without wasting the student's time. Among his many strengths, Michael looks for the most effective and efficacious ways of imparting knowledge and skills to his students. His explanations are clear and to the point, and this is made evident in his student's progress. This website is an example of this mindset and a great opportunity for a beginner (or not so beginner) to become a well-rounded player." - Bernard Blary, Flutist

"Michael was my first music history teacher in my youth. He was thorough and methodical in his teaching methods, and he conveyed the material to the class with enthusiasm and a personal flair. He is a passionate and conscientious educator who cares about effective learning." - Carlo Santos, ARCT, Advanced RCM Teacher and Professional Musician

"As an educator, striving to build up my students as efficiently as possible, and with sustainability, I have seen this trait in Michael. In the short time that he was teaching my children, the strategies he used to inspire them gave them the motivation to want to practice. His method book, A First Course at the Piano gave my girls a great foundation. And in addition, Michael transcribed the newest pop songs that they really wanted to learn." - Monika Stefanska, Owner, Learning by Playing Preschool